Tenemos un lugar para tí

Tenemos un lugar para ti

Mensaje de Bienvenida
Mensaje de Bienvenidapublic
Mensaje de Bienvenida

It is my pleasure to welcome and congratulate you for choosing to be part of the Universidad Tecnológica Laja Bajío. We are recognized for being the only bilingual institution in Guanajuato. We assure you that at the end of your studies with us, you will be fluent in English, the importance of which cannot be disputed.

A University Degree is a long-term commitment in which you must invest time and effort. Some may give up, but only the best achieve their goal. We are committed to providing you the tools and help you will need to make you one of the best.

In the ULTB, your new alma mater, you will find that we offer everything you need to develop in the right way. Most importantly you will share this path with other people of excellence enrolled with you, making for a passionate and inquisitive community together with those that are part of our institution such as your professors and other university staff.

Now you have reached a point in your life where it is up to you to shape your future. With discipline and effort you can excel and flourish in your chosen field of studies. Never forget to set your goals and to work hard to reach every single one of them.

This is the reason why I have invited you to become part of the UTLB community with the greatest motivation and the desire to study and improve.

Dr. Carlos Mendiola Amador
Universidad Tecnológica Laja Bajío



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